English Student Club X.a.

English Student Club X.a. (hereinafter X.a., we know, you don’t get it, but if you join, we promise to tell you the secret of the name) is a student association founded in March 2000, and is an active member of The Alliance of Student Associations (SSUFF) at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb (FFZG). X.a. was founded with the aim of protecting and representing the interests of students of the English language and literature, and improving the quality of work at the Department of English. Also, X.a. is one of the largest student organizations at FFZG, and is the organizer of many successful projects, many of which are listed on this website.

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Mihael Željko Crnčec

Vice President

Ivona Jurajec


Mislav Franc


Tina Polašek

Monitoring Committee

Brigita Gašparić, Mateja Martinjak, Nina Telarović

In ac. year 2019/20
President: Marijana Šincek
Vice President: David Gračanin
Secretary: Luka Jurić
Treasurer: Elvira Podić
Monitoring Committee: Mia Uremović, Dominik Abramović, Brigta Gašparić

In ac. year 2018/19
President: Marta Jurković
Vice President: Neven Brlek
Secretary: Iva Gavran
Treasurer: Luce Drobac
Monitoring Committee: Leonarda Blašković, Luka Karaturović, Mia Uremović

In ac. year 2017/18
President: Marko Babić
Vice President: Alen Obrazović
Secretary: Tena Filetin
Treasurer: Anamarija Tkalec
Monitoring Committee: Blaž Ivanković, Lina Krnic, Dunja Pelin

In ac. year 2016/17
President: Ivica Jeđud
Co-president: Ivan Puh
Secretary: Dajana Novak
Treasurer: Marko Babić
Monitoring Committee: Andro Babić, Željka Boduljak, Martina Žugaj

In ac. year 2015/16
President: Ivica Jeđud
Deputy: Ivan Puh
Secretary: Andro Babić
Monitoring Committee: Martina Žugaj, Petar Hokman, Katarina Puljko

In ac. year 2014/15
President: Julija Savić
Deputy: Ivan Puh
Secretary: Marija Kozjak
Monitoring Committee: Roberta Končar, Maja Lisac, Borna Mesić

English Student Club X.a.